XAG P40 Agricultural Drone

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Smooth Mega-flow Spraying,
The Finest Atomisation
Dual nozzles and mega-flow peristaltic pumps increase the max. flow rate to 10L/min.
New brushless motors and centrifugal discs improve the efficiency of atomisation to make
spraying more even and controllable.
  • Mega-flow Peristaltic Pumps
    Variable flow rate up to 10L/min

  • All-new Dual Nozzle Design
    6m effective spray width

  • Intelligent Centrifugal Atomisation
    60-400μm adjustable droplet size

  • 20L Smart Liquid Tank
    Real-time volume sensing

  • Highly Effective Spraying
    Lifted up to 15 hectare per hour
Exceptional Uniformity,
A Huge Leap in Spreading
The industry-first dual centrifugal discs and screw feeder design substantially increase the spread width,making broadcast more even and effective without any seed damage. The capacity of the container is extended to 25L, which elevates the spreading efficiency to 2.4 tons of fertilisers or 1.6 tons of rice seeds each hour.
Multi-Directional Radar Matrix
Sophisticated Perception
and Obstacle Avoidance
Equipped with front dynamic radar and terrain-adaptive module to achieve omni-directional flight, while sensing the surrounding environment to predict any incoming obstacles. Flight operation is safer than ever.
Stronger Structure with Compact Fuselage,
Easy Transportation without Safety Concern
The shrinking body size has made it more compact and easier to transport.Adopt aluminium alloy material to ensure structural intensity and enhance seismic resistance.